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Rising Baojia An shovel competitors

Director to be involved in monitoring network to initiate an investigation, a President was approving arrests Rising

3 years ago, Beijing police cracked a "national first cases of deliberate spread of network viruses", said the company Micro-point "in the software development process, illegal downloading on the Internet, run a variety of viruses, resulting in a large number of computer viruses spread on the Internet seriously endanger network security. " The news hit. Micro Point vice president of 11 months in custody.

Recently, the discipline inspection organs after Beijing opened investigations to identify the "Beijing Oriental micro-point spread computer virus case" was a false cases. The truth is that anti-virus software company Rising giant micro point to strangle the nascent anti-virus company, asked Beijing Public Security Bureau Network Supervisor, who, through false reporting soldiers, fake losses, false identification approach framed competitors.

Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection at the soldiers had been opened investigations Zhao, vice president of Rising four chapters have been approving arrests.

Network monitoring by the Director of the trust

China's 2005 IT security market has been showing a dominate Rising.

Liu Xu, Rising antivirus software is the original designer and inventor, in the resigned Beijing Rising Technology Co., Ltd. Managing Director and Chief Engineer, two years later, in January 2005 established a micro-point Beijing Orient Information Technology Co., Ltd.. "Active anti-virus software" is the impact of anti-virus company plans to market new products.

According to "Science Daily" reported the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the former public information network security monitoring, who, soldiers, that is, early in July 2005 accepted the Beijing Rising Technology Co., if asked, command others to "shovel" engaged in computer virus prevention software R & D Eastern Micro Point business.

Government produced the major leave

Is to make arrangements for soldiers, and after a month of "anti-virus company qualification survey", August 30, 2005 morning, the office will network connection called 'deliberately spreading computer viruses and other programs of the computer system damage caused by normal operation serious consequences' of the company's deputy general manager Tian Yakui criminal detention. "

August 2005, at the other soldiers deployed to Beijing Si Maite Management Consultants Ltd. and Beijing Securities Co., Ltd. Beijing Jian Bridge Management Department, in listening to the two companies reported a virus infection caused by the loss of the case but still inspired Let Si Maite Health Bridge Corporation and the company, issued a 100,000 yuan respectively, the loss of false evidence.

September 2005, the company's deputy general manager Tian Yakui micro-point criminal detention, the lack of reporting materials, the soldier ordered another three others to the Beijing anti-virus software company to do work for three companies were providing false "virus outbreak" Report material.

The truth come to light exposure

May 2007, Liu Xu to the Supreme People's Procuratorate, Ministry of Public Security and other relevant state departments to report, has been highly valued.

November 20, 2007, Tian Yakui 11 months in custody and released on bail after 12 months, the Beijing Haidian District Procuratorate Tian Yakui made a decision not to prosecute. Active Defense software Micro-point for the so-called "domestic anti-virus companies spread the virus first case of" blocked two and a half later, allowed to the National Computer Virus Prevention Product Testing Centre on the detection of pre-sale market procedures. February 2008, micro-point active defense software finally been blocked for nearly three years of sales licenses.

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CAD is not just to seek the most expensive the most suited to their

International automobile manufacturers to produce high-grade cars, fast speed, high safety, but the price of natural cheap; while China's domestic car makers such as Chery QQ could produce such a price is not high, was also good with products, but also affordable. China's people, of course, the economic surplus can buy imported luxury cars; the economy is not sufficient only to vehicles with a step, is also affordable enough to buy a QQ.

CAD users in China is the truth.

Looking at the global CAD market, of course, many international brands, prices naturally a lot of money.

Meanwhile, there are many relatively small size of local conditions CAD software companies, the hope is the case. From the technical strength, they were not as world-renowned manufacturers; from brand awareness, they were not internationally well-known large companies. But this does not mean they are not subject to user acceptance. Because the user has a variety of needs, they emphasize practical rather than showy.

Still enough for domestic brands

"There is no doubt, currently the most powerful and efficient CAD technology still rests in the hands of U.S. and European companies. However, this does not mean that the domestic users have to use them. We continue to believe that the premise of the functional enough to consider more cost-effective important. "Guangzhou Dragon Technology Development Co., expect the Deputy General Manager Liu YF hold this view.

By comparison, China's homegrown CAD have disadvantages, but also has its own advantages. This disadvantage is reflected in, hands-on than the international companies for nearly 20 years later, and the number of international manufacturers of the development team, strength and ability to use funds, much stronger than domestic CAD vendors, In addition, in the domestic market, due to various reasons, their market industrial structure.

The CAD is not made everywhere passive, it also has its own advantages. Because the late start, so it can identify research and development along the direction of someone else's footsteps, so R & D more quickly; In addition, CAD made with partners, has its own local services. More importantly, the cost is very high domestic CAD.

While the user is what they want, enough on the line, but Yu-Feng Liu stressed that no matter what kind of CAD, the data format must be compatible.

Do not be forced three-dimensional

China, the world's largest manufacturing base, of course, ultimately, in the machining industry, CAD, and is currently the machinery processing enterprises have begun to make use of 3D CAD design of three-dimensional parts.

But for exploration and design industry, Liu YF, or recommend the use of two-dimensional CAD, or add three-dimensional rendering of the two-dimensional CAD. Moreover, he did not recommend early internal CAD vendors into the three-dimensional. On the one hand, the higher the threshold of three-dimensional CAD, significant development costs for domestic manufacturers who have some difficulty CAD; on the other hand, the Chinese CAD market prospects are very broad, how rooted in the present, to open up most of the existing market consider the topic.

Major CAD vendors now have a number of domestic alliances focused on two aspects. First, with the distributors, dealers alliance. Certainly, any product must have a relatively good sales force, and to establish reasonable sales price system in order to reach more customers. Moreover, these distribution and after-sales service team itself is one, made the localization of CAD services must rely on them to do, good service and price of domestic CAD itself is a magic weapon to go abroad. Second, individual development alliance. CAD vendors only do platforms, the platform of the user industry, the development of common and individual applications or interfaces, you need more experience in the industry partner to complete.

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[Demon Heroes] 1.62 Water God, single-pass Raiders Cheats

Trinidad ice: A powerful cold impact to attack the enemy, the enemy in a line of damage caused by 500W (total 20)

Rapid flight cut: Go to the air, and then by air to Thunder trend Zhanxia, around 600 on the target causing the enemy within

(All attributes * skill level * 4) of damage (total 20)

Ice surprise: attack the enemy 5% chance to cast when snow and ice attacks cause the enemy within 600 range (agility * skill level * 2.5) injury (total 30)

Property to enhance: a permanent increase (skill level * 20) intelligence, agility and strength (of 20)

Denon Seven Swords: 7Hits units around the target of attacks, the former 6Hit injury to agile * 120, the last 1Hit damage as agile * 240 (acquired after the three turns)

Exclusive weapon: Wang Shu Jian

Synthesis requires: V Maken Max + BrightShadow Bot cut + stone + crystal of the Sky God, soul

Exclusive note: growth of arms, divided into three stages growth, kill 800,1600 and 2400 only blame the growth of

Top attributes: agile 4W, attack 40W, split 30%, 30% crit 20 times, 200% attack speed, parry 50%, 600 points per minute to increase agility heroes

Hidden effect: increase of 40% ice damage attack skills (exclusive weapons can not be appended, can not discard)


Dabble God I have two different methods of play customs, not to say that can not even get exclusive is a different approach. The first method is more difficult operating point, can pass, however, the high end of the property does not, and will play very hard. The second method, completely easy if you can catch a few key points, and if within 16 wave of things to do, you already can with customs. As the second approach, playing up simple, no action required, and easily get high attributes. For all of us, see the following explanation, we would know is a necessary way through it! I take the process into three stages:

Phase I:

As we all know, random hero selection easier customs clearance, selected randomly, the first hidden heroes have to beat out the password so that you can re-election were elected to the random hero. Select a random hero can get free equipment, specifically what to look at RP, can use the best, can not be used to sell for money, there is the experience of a 10% increase in value. Early with these two conditions, the water will not slow the development of God!

General random out, if he could get the additional 1,000 properties and 50% of the offensive things, well, you RP well, this time play the left directly Xiaoguai, Shuaqian and experience. If the proposal is selected, then other things go to know all the problems to do, plus 11 properties, and sometimes even be 10,000 yuan. In both cases ownership, and then bought two farmers, let the sun above, where the fountain base blocking strange map on the left is your paradise. If you get a split or crushed hard, then probably in the 30-35 class hero when you can go Shuaqian room, and an acceleration of daggers, 300 Shaguai points for vampire syrup, in 1 minute which completely can Shaguai points in return, you can also play out at least more than 30 million units, which is the development of a hero. In the heroic development, the birds are merged with Phoenix-xia, a joint to the level or not, direct flight training field, burning the first wave of blame, and then gradually rose to the highest level. There are several key front in the points, we should pay attention to are:

PS: the first wave of strange came out, enter, there hidden shops in the know all the upper right corner, there are 50,000 weird money directly to stop, stop this blame is important to determine the early development of good and bad for 5 minutes. If not a split and crushed under the premise of a hero can be trained to go Shuaqian about 50 Housing, water, ice and snow of God to launch a surprise attack rate is still very large, Shuaqian not slow. But strange to note that base can not be active for too long, it will automatically exit 350 only blame game, so before the third wave of strange to have to start with a birdie to go with the Phoenix Xia, burned with a number of strange. Do not look to burn the first wave of personal interest, because the 1-5 wave strange is equipped with a Phoenix Xia to burn, and if you do not burn the first wave, we can blame all the plug at the base where the spring sun above, do not blame will be down. But pay attention to the third wave of attack, as can be equipped to buttoned Phoenix Xia, fear death, then base level rise. Under these conditions in advance, the hero can not brush out before the fifth wave of strange 3000 points, good time to see their familiar unfamiliar, and no case of RP, can be completed in the fourth wave poured. 3000 odd points in exchange for blizzard LV4, then can choose to put bases in Tajikistan, a hero who can also choose to put Shuaqian, the seventh wave came in and then back into the base Shaguai. BOSS will be an eighth wave hit base, base-liter 10, play towers rise 10 BOSS, very easy. This also happens when there is a strange time to stop, to stop strange. In this eight-wave strange, in addition to rise with Phoenix Xia, bases, and tower of the grade level of the money, the other all the money to buy equipment, harmony and equipment, of course, because the integral Shaguai changed, you can not re- to waste Shaguai points, and 150 liters of wood give the birds the skills, plus skills and Canadian anti-attack skills, because in the fourth or fifth wave wave when you kill Heart of Tarrasque and demon skeleton, co-sword and clothing, if there is additional anti-attack and processing the case, it can not give you two small BOSS seconds, and whatever does not kill you, you can easily kill, sword first give together, and also hit the magic ration . Then play wood, then clothes so now. Usually before the first one to have the BOSS monk to solve the ghost, weapons and clothing have been the most senior of the. Here, I set the first stage.

The second stage:

Strange in this stop 5 minutes inside, should I do? If your baby does not rise, then completed four skills, direct brush wood l skills, base 50, tower 30, together with about 100 wooden spare cash, get a hero LV4 weapons and clothes to brush properties. Even strange, time has stopped, the base of the blame entirely to the tower to kill the hero has been brush attributes, 2W white brush to the property can be challenged. But the pre-brush attributes are tragedies, too slow, it is not urgent, do not brush out to challenge the property will be slower. This time take note of Shaguai points, enough for 1000 points on the property, leaving 300 points for attention to be reborn. 2W properties of heavy water to start with God, a white tiger and tortoise shells, the birds use statistics rebound attention skills, playing dead strange tower bleeding, birds bled, the blood, and with the skills, a total of three additional blood, if quick action White Tiger will not be killed. White Tiger bomb dead, took the super-life characters, birds bought overt gems, find hidden shops, flower into the killing of 10 wood turtles, more than one million blood will always be second, but also the death of up to five times. After the last bomb to kill a dragon, about 0-2 a rebirth. BOSS killed after the end of this three, do you have hundreds of wood-liter tower and base, and generally I rise towers are 50 other bases have risen. Then kill the fire, killing the fire must first get the key, most likely in the keys when they were hit more than one million blood BOSS, if there is 150W, then the blood will not be second, pay attention to increase the blood on the line, with the skills quickly killed by BOSS. Then go fight the fire, playing with snow and ice attack, is very simple. First and then increased dress sword, the specific Zenmeyangzuo, watching video on the list! Sword and clothes rose finished, hit 12 switch, a switch does not slow play, the second turn showed their bombs kill complete turn around. General this time should be about 14-15 wave, the hero should at least have more than 3W white property, and continue to brush attributes it! 4W white property to property, when about 16 waves, kill the BOSS, in order to avoid card machines, also the tower can be put to death at home, and then blame stopped. Recurrent stone to the co-6, together complete six samsara stone, playing gems additional sword and clothes. RP in no circumstances, probably in 10 minutes to complete and pay attention when playing gems, stone sword additional agility, plus 1W agility, speed is a 200% increase for water than 10W attack is God much better. During the playing gems, stones, and defense easily to attack the rocks to break out, to the back of dragon and snake burst out of additional equipment, as are three out of play stood, playing the three is that time to prevent additional failures, but also and back to playing. When you complete the additional sword and clothes, the blame should be about 17 waves, which is the tortoise, the 18th wave of the bird, are free to rely on magic to fight, this time you can choose to clear the strange, the brush attributes, ranking 18 wave faster when finished, plus a magic-free buttoned. Here is the second phase.

The second phase of the attention is: The speed depends on the heroic challenge BOSS property, so how kind of brush up the property, with the equipment is benevolent. Brush up as long as the property of, BOSS easy to hit, it will not

A waste of time. In the second phase can brush out the 5W white property above is successful, of course, here is the power of 5W agile intellectual property are more than 5W! Process, Shaguai enough points for 1000 on the property. The third stage:

19 wave of strange, the spider, accelerated, hit the fixed base, select the brush property hero, brush 7-8 million white property, and then clear out strange, note 20 wave is infected, you can not kill, to kill a spider not to blame speed on the line, and then went to the challenges to switch. 7-8W White attributes to switch the water to kill God, not a minute, killing, playing side, it is easy. End the use of skills to kill kill Yuanshi Tianzun Seven Swords Dragon, White Tiger to take orders. Of course, you can also clear the base of the blame go to kill. After the release of a white tiger that tower, the body of a bird, and then do two phantom defends the family. The dragon and snake are not anxious to kill, in fact, kill switch has been completed three to go, but I still prefer to do first observe under the phantom under the house, and then brush attributes to 10W white hero only to property, in order to ensure safety, 500W God of Water is not blood easy second death! launch two to three Dragon Seven Swords can handle that to a snake. Can of course choose to stop the 24th wave of strange strange time to kill, light-hearted, do not go home. In the end when the dragon and snake kill, depends on whether you use the exclusive clearance. If exclusive control point, the family that the two phantom to snake after the kill, kill the snake go End to base ready to play simple, and the hero will not be second, it can transmit, in no hurry to beat Dragons, Dragon kill to spend more time. The exclusive to the co, and a hero to brush on the property, which Denon Seven Swords Dragons scored the skills of a recovery went, went to brush off the skills of a property, so do not waste time and can kill dragons, you can brush to the property, the family phantom watch on the line, this can stop in the 24th wave of the sword strange time to rise to the highest level. A quick way to rise exclusive, that is to stop strange time to do two or three strange phantom to Shuaqian room brush, brush attributes hero, soon to rise to the most exclusive high, because phantom killing Strange is also the operator inside! were supposed to be 24 to 19 waves are blaming strange wave into the third stage on, but the operating base on the back of the same, so I directly to the clearance 19 into the third wave stage.

Challenges skills:

Do not know if you are not paying attention to the rapid flight of God cut the water to launch, the hero is invincible. So when the hero when the challenge to hang out what skills, bird immediately add the blood to ensure that heroes rarely linked, but also can reach BOSS, very good challenge, we have to utilize the service. When the wage cut a good grasp of the rapid flight, the challenges would be very efficient! Of course, the property is high to challenge the best guarantee of efficiency.

Consolidated Notice:

1, third wave of strange attack, they'd been at home will burst.

2, the eighth wave of strange BOSS, see next base and the tower level, farmers have to buy repair.

3, brush property is not used all the resources can be used.

4, challenge white tiger, turtle, dragon, fire, and 12 rpm speed.

5, in the 16th wave of strange time and stop time of 17 wave energy can not be 6 transmigration He Hao and gemstones enough.

6, switch to do after playing three challenge to make a snake or a tiger to take a home-made phantom, depending Otherwise bring it exclusive clearance.

7, 24 odd wave attack, will be cards, be careful not to blame the product, first BOSS to kill it first, or will release several of hell fire.

8, 26 and 31 wave wave phantom car is endless killing, the hero must come clean side edge brush attribute blame, try not to blame too much plot, so that the computer of a card, Warcraft error. 31 band split.

9,18 million white attributes such as could not stand the water Shenhuan wave 27,28 and 29, if necessary, kill them in person, phantom play wood on the line.

10,31 to 32 waves of a wave of strange time to stop specific or not to stop to hold their own, killed the 32-wave out of the BOSS, Xiaoguai simple.

11,34 waves will always be second, but the property high, the operation quickly, it is easy to pass, do not plot to BOSS to not cleared her.

12, liberal is not difficult to kill, and can lead to not hit the liberal base of the channel, and slowly kill the chanting, just a waste of time.

13, global base with two unmatched opportunity to buy their own invincible one is, one base hit was strange when the remaining 10% of the blood automatically invincible. Here we pay attention to, and invincible automatically after the base is filled blood, note the time invincible, and then blame away from the base in time to buy farmers repair.

14 of the Water God is a very capable Shaguai and challenges the hero, so too is mainly snow cattle raid, but one thing is for heroes and illusion is not so resistant, and may be the hero of the balance of question!

I recommend the best equipment is: God punish Wangshu Sword + A + Courage + Xiuluo Mask + with + 6 magic of reincarnation

Secondary equipment is: God punish punish Sword + A + Courage + days sobbing with + 6 + Magic transmigration

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3G really do lead to economic disaster

Darby and Joan of debate, have their own reasons. Not a result of academic debate, the concept of argument has climbed to a high degree of pure technology, WIMAX, WLAN, HSDPA, EVDO and other professional terms there is, indeed, to a layman looking at Yunshanwuzhao. However, in people as their standard format, technical specifications, and even history are digging three feet when the 3G has always been used as negative examples in the European market, but a miraculous recovery.

3G quietly changing, developing. The most direct evidence is present throughout the show's vitality.

European 3G market started out the color revival

According to consultancy Research and Markets latest research data, 3G in Europe is gradually rising.

Global has more than 50 million WCDMA subscribers, which accounts for more than 51% of European users. Italy, Switzerland, the UK market is showing a blowout. The early loss of the 3G has been tired and yellow companies, thanks to an aggressive pricing strategy, the company owned three 3G market in Western Europe, won a 74% share.

The study also pointed out that in Western Europe in 2007 will have 20% of mobile users into 3G users, but the occasion in 2010, this proportion will reach 50%. Clearly, for many years to develop 3G Japan and Korea the situation is changing as the focus, 3G is spreading and active open to.

In Taiwan, the situation seems not bad.

Norson has said that despite China's 3G market to open late, but 3G services appeared, the Chinese 3G user base will grow rapidly in the near future. Norson said the launch of 3G services in China, the first years, China will have 5.5 million of the 3G users to 2 years will end when the total number of users soared to 21.9 million long, to the end of 3 years will reach 84.2 million.

User-level and market trends inspire, 3G terminal market became active. Traditional phone companies have burst out of the 3G's enthusiasm, the world's top five mobile phone company Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, etc. In 2005 year on each family's size 6 to 10 launched WCDMA handsets.

According to research firm Strategy Analytics released on April 20 of the report, estimated 2006 shipments of WCDMA handsets will be 90 million, EV-DO handsets shipped 38 million. 3G terminal is already a demand for billions of dollars on a big market.

But for the moment, 3G terminal market remains well-known leading international mobile phone companies. However, the Chinese enterprises also ignore this? ZTE, Huawei, and Amoi Mobile nouveaux riches in China are from overseas have commercial 3G terminal market, Chinese enterprises because the price of 3G terminals were reasonable and easy to use large purchases of foreign operators.

To Huawei as an example.

February 15, 2005, Vodafone said in a statement, beginning from September 2006, will provide consumers in 21 countries, providing customized by Huawei, Vodafone to Vodafone branded WCDMA handsets unique. According to British media reports, Huawei's handset procurement agreement with Vodafone up to 5 years.

Marketing Department, Huawei's director of marketing for wireless terminals Chengjun said, "Our relationship with Vodafone's core business model is to use only the 'Vodafone (Vodafone)' brand." Words, in the past provided by other vendors for the Vodafone 3G mobile phones, mainly suppliers brands, this business model, contractors must pass the huge cost of the brand to the product cost, increase the retail price of the product. Cooperation with Huawei, is to make the product cost Vodafone has some advantages.

SP caused the outbreak of 3G value-added new hot spot

Wave of the outbreak of 3G users in Europe, a prerequisite to be mentioned is that the expansion of 3G services. It also includes video telephony, location, mobile TV, email, high-speed Internet access and image transmission services such as 3G services, the expansion and promotion of the recovery of Western European 3G market, won the opportunity.

Operators are thus convinced that if you want to recover the huge investment in 3G networks, 3G services should increase the development and innovation, while increasing non-SMS data revenue ratio.

According to iResearch survey, 3G applications in the mobile phone users want most audio-visual entertainment, the ratio reached 38.4%, followed by the video phone 22.7%, 18.4% map positioning, e-commerce accounted for 14.8%. Global mobile entertainment market in 2005 reached 17.6 billion U.S. dollars sales revenue, up 71% over 2004. Projected to 2009, the global 3G application market will more than 59 billion U.S. dollars, the rate has greatly exceeded the growth of online games. Asia-Pacific region is expected by 2010 will only generate 47 billion U.S. dollars in revenue.

As the phone has the characteristics of the Internet anytime, anywhere, with innovative phone features, mobile video and broadband technologies mature conditions continue to improve, mobile audio-visual entertainment business is bound to be intense users of working life an integral part of leisure services 1.

The face of the upcoming 3G, naturally, are eager for the Chinese market. The SP have to explore the development of new value-added services, the outbreak of a kind of frenzy of competing transition. "2006 will be a turning point for mobile commerce. With the advent of 3G, with SMS-based mobile commerce era in 2006, full stop." Famous Beijing SP 100 million U.S. small soft links to the correspondents said CEO Li Yan .

China Mobile, Wang Zhuo Zheng Zhaohui, senior vice president of information technology said, 3G is a change coming, and information and entertainment will affect the 3G era. Monternet business operating model will continue to improve, so that mobile entertainment industry chain based on all companies have the opportunity to achieve win-win.

3G Eve, more and more of the traditional industries began to consider the use of mobile phone platforms to expand their business. As for their new SP, this is where their business opportunities.

"For example, in communication form, 3G era will no longer be a simple text, but rather multimedia, graphics, animation, and even music and many other elements. Users get this information, you can login directly through the WAP business website, or even directly place an order to the enterprise. "industry so identified.

Competition 3G speed is not outdone

3G will lead to economic disaster?

When the market demand, when services are constantly changing, who also said that bad this topic. However, Professor Kan words, he acknowledged the 3G technology will be because of outdated performance failure, and defeat the darling of the operator, is to have a higher speed mobile WIMAX.

Technically speaking, mobile WiMAX support mobility features fully reflects the flexibility advantages of wireless communications, and cable access, compared with some competitive differentiation, to increase the development of broadband wireless access space. On the other hand, the development direction of mobile communication is the ability to provide higher data support, while maintaining the ability to support mobility, currently being studied in the field of 3G standard developed E3G is the embodiment of the mobile communications and broadband trends.

Thus, mobile WiMAX and E3G, two different areas of technology began to overlap and competition. On the one hand, WiMAX already has the ability to support mobile communications; the other hand, E3G has obvious characteristics of the wireless access system.

But whether as Professor Kan said, mobile WiMAX will replace 3G, 4G or even directly evolved into what?

Right now, research is focused on the next generation of wireless mobile internet theory and technology (3G, B3G, 4G, WIFI, WiMAX) of Professor Song Junde, after hearing the question, face some frustration. "I am very emotional WiMAX. But the objective fact is, WiMAX technology and applications from the point of view, far behind the development of 3G. Now, all mobile WiMAX is in December 2005 just standards. WiMAX should be made of a can put in the car movement inside, or people in his hand, and also take five, six, or even six or seven years. "

Meanwhile, three-quarters of the world's 3G mobile network operators have agreed to a new upgrade, the upgrade will increase network speed 3 to 5 times.

Global GSM Association, released by the end of March 2006 Market Analysis report that the faster 3G network called HSDPA, which has been in Austria, Finland, Bulgaria, Germany, Israel and other countries began commercial networks in 14 runs. A total of 43 countries around the world 105 WCDMA networks, 79 networks have been or will be upgraded to the HSDPA standard. The new network upgrade in 5 months up by 60%.

Ideal state of the current HSDPA allows mobile phone users 1-3 megabytes per second download speed of data, equivalent to fixed line broadband speeds. Users download a song to your phone within 10 seconds.

Obviously, 3G speed and not lost in the array.

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Photoshop Production - wire and spark

Hello, everybody, we met again, this time to tell you is how to make real use of Photoshop and wire EDM, are old friends, greeting more than that if we start to learn it.

1, create a new document size 500X500 pixels, select the pen tool pen. Drag a "S" shaped lines. Name this path for the "Wire". Click the maximize button the document shows all of the canvas.

2, select the Airbrush paint spray tool, as shown by the establishment of a brush.

Create a new channel, called "Wire Lighting". Choose your path to start building the Wire, right-click and select Stroke Path. In the drop-down menu select the Airbrush tool, click OK. Then, hold down the Ctrl key to click the M key to open the curve adjustment, according to the figure set up. Or download this setting can be imported in the dialog.

Set the left picture to see the results.

3, Create a new layer, named "Wire Layer". Select Paintbrush tool and then shown setting up of a pen. Right-click the Wire path, choose Stroke path, but this time we in the drop-down menu, select the Paintbrush tool. Click ok. Well, we get a line similar to the previous step. The color line is that you start applying the Stroke command to set the foreground color, here we are in the foreground color is red.

4, Wire layer as shown by application of filter Lighting Effects. Then shown with curve adjustment Ctrl + M, or here to download the settings.

5, where basically we have completed the wiring of production, let us look at a slight adjustment. According to the figure set with Noise filter. Remember that this layer on the wire.


6, double-click the wire layer to bring up the layer style menu Settings dialog box, apply Inner Shadow style, the default settings, OK. In order to remove the wire wrapped round his head, we generally select a range, and then deselect Ctrl + Shift + I, and then click the Del key to delete the rest. Well, we got some wires, the next thing is to make this wire and copper wire inside.

7, do you copy just the wire, we just do wire copy layer, Ctrl + T slightly reduce the width of this wire, then put a layer of wire on the start of the following layers. Or in this layer, press Ctrl + U to open hue saturation adjustment, according to the figure set. Then the above steps and then joined the Lighting Effects filter, cut off both ends of the round wire, Kazakhstan, and now we get a copper wire, simple, right? If you wish Noise filters can also add the results as shown below.

Wires do the following, we will make the spark, hitting two wires together to produce sparks, is not it exciting? Real life I can not play this game, but this time we use Photoshop to play with, very safe.

1, the establishment of two co-wound wires, an exposed copper wire near each other.

Production of electric spark, if the wire too, can reduce the size of the Ctrl + T, when produced in front of several layers, you have to merge them, until you figure the level of board and similar.

EDM layer is the layer before the layer of copy, we will add the following to spark this layer.

2, create a 250X250 file, start the production of spark. Add filter Filter> Render> Clouds, then Filter> Render> Difference Clouds, and then adjust the Levels Image> Adjust> Levels, final Image> Adjust> Invert. Now select Image> Adjust> Hue / Saturation to adjust the hue and saturation, the Colorize option to hook on a kind of adjustment as shown on the right color. In a few steps, if you get a different picture on the right image and you can try to adjust levels and color over saturation, lots of production, there will be feeling. Create a lightning effect, I chose a part of a spark between the wires, you can find a part you like, copy, and then we need to rotate and then placed in the production of documents in the wire electric discharge effect. When will automatically paste the new layer, this layer and top layer of our copy out sparks merger will achieve the icon effects. Here you need to pay attention to is that you copied to regulate the level and the need to produce the spark wires spark level position, making exactly the spark the two ends of wires and two contacts. Together we named this the Spark.

3, a good start for animation effects. Click the menu File> Jump to> Image Ready .. or the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + M.

Select Sparks layer application 25% Lens Flare filter, the flash of the camera placed in the middle of the first two wires, click OK. Then copy this layer, again using Lens Flare filter, set the 45% level of board as shown.

4, now we can begin animation. Click the left side of the above two eyes, making them invisible. In the Animation panel, click the "Duplicates current frame" button five times, and then click Sparks layer of the eye to make it visible, and then click a "Duplicates current frame" button, then click the Sparks layer of the eye so that it is not visible, but also Click a "Duplicates current frame" button, then click the Sparks Copy layer of the eye to make it visible, and then click a "Duplicates current frame" button, then click the Sparks Copy layer of the eye so that it is not visible, and finally click " Duplicates current frame "button five times. Now, we have 13 of the animation, namely: Frames 1-5: Wires layer; Frame 6: Sparks layer; Frame 7: Wires layer; Frame 8: Sparks Copy layer; Frame9 -13: Wires layer. we must pay attention to each frame should show the name of the layer.

Ok, we have completed the animation, quickly save the export it!

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IPS detection and prevention simultaneously

IPS detection and prevention simultaneously

With vulnerabilities continue to be discovered, enterprise network security threats facing more and more complicated. But despite these attacks can bypass traditional firewall, set in the network or internal network around the Ruqin Protection 绯荤粺 (IPS) is still able to prevent these attacks, You Xiao, Wei Pei Zhi who do not add patches or improper server Tigongbaohu.

While intrusion detection systems (IDS) can monitor network traffic and alert, but it does not block attacks. The IPS is able to carefully check all data packets, and immediately determine whether to authorize or prohibit access. IPS has some filters that can prevent the system on various types of vulnerability to attack. When a new vulnerability was discovered, IPS will create a new filter, and incorporated under the jurisdiction of their own to test any of these vulnerabilities malicious attack attempt will be blocked immediately.

If an attacker using Layer 2 (MAC) to Layer 7 (application) of the weaknesses of intrusion, IPS can detect from the data stream and stop these attacks. Traditional firewalls can only Layer 3 or Layer 4 inspection, but can not detect the application layer content.

IPS packet processing engine is a professional custom integrated circuits, you can check each packet in a byte. In contrast, the firewall's packet filtering technology does not check for each byte and, therefore, can not find attacks. IPS device using filters on the data stream to inspect the entire contents. All data packets have been classified, each filter is responsible for analyzing the corresponding packets. Only by examining the packets can move on. Classification is based on packet header information, such as source IP address and destination IP address, port number and applications domain.

Each filter contains a set of rules, only to meet these rules will be recognized as packets do not contain malicious content. In order to ensure the accuracy of these rules is very broadly defined. Classify content in the transmission, the engine must refer to the information packet parameters, and their resolve to carry out a meaningful context of the domain. For example, in dealing with buffer overflow attacks, the engine gives an application layer in the buffer parameter, and then evaluate the characteristics used to detect the existence of attacks. In order to prevent the attack to reach targeted, in a data stream is identified as a malicious attack, is the data flow of all data packets will be discarded.

Detect weaknesses in the different mining system attacks, IPS require different filters. Some of the known characteristics of the attack or by attempts to match the form of filters to detect. As for other attacks such as buffer overflow attacks, IPS needs more complex filters. This complex filters can be used protocols and application-level decoder to set the rules. For "network clean" and "packet overflow" attacks such as multi-stream, IPS will need to filter the collection of statistical information to detect anomalies.

Filter engine combines water and large-scale parallel processing hardware, can also handle thousands of data packet filter inspection. Parallel processing ensures that packet filters can be continuously and as quickly through the system, not on the speed of impact. This hardware acceleration technology for the IPS is important, because the traditional software solutions must check one by one filter will result in greatly reduced system performance.

As a transparent device, intrusion prevention system is part of the network connection. In order to prevent the IPS as the weak link in the network performance, IPS needs to have excellent in redundancy and failover mechanisms, so that you can ensure that the network Zai failure can still be normal Yun Xing. In addition to being defensive front, IPS or network cleaning tool that can eliminate malformed packets and non-mission critical applications, so network bandwidth is protected. For example, IPS can prevent applications such as file-sharing illegal transfer of copyright files.


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Routing Protocol RIP Routing Basics Introduction to note (2)

Second, how the router with

The router itself is a computer with multiple network interfaces, as with ordinary computer, it also has central processing unit (CPU), the system main memory (RAM) and read-only memory (ROM) and other components.

In addition, a very important part of its network interface (Interface), to link different types of networks, routers, network interface, a wide range of applications such as Ethernet in LAN, fast Ethernet, Token Ring Interface applied to WAN V.35, RS232, ISDN BRI PRI interfaces and so on.

Router There are two main external memory: NVRAM (Non-Volatile RAM, nonvolatile RAM) and Flash (flash memory). NVRAM storage router configuration files, Flash for storing the operating system IOS (Internet Operating System).

Configuration Mode

CISCO router configuration mode, there are two basic: user (user) and privileges (privileged). In user mode, only display the router status, privilege mode can also change the router configuration.

Privileged mode, you can enter the installation (setup) mode, global configuration (global config) mode, the local configuration (sub config) mode.

Installation model provides menu prompts to guide users to the basic configuration of the router. The new router first starts, automatically enter setup mode.

Global configuration mode, the router can change the global parameters, such as host name, password and so on.

Local router local configuration parameters change, for example, a particular network interface configurations, a certain routing protocol configuration and so on.

Router's configuration can use a variety of ways, following the five most common:

Use tools like HyperTerminal log console via serial port (console port).

Modem connection to the router's auxiliary port (auxiliary port), remote dial-up login console.

Remote login (telnet) to the IP address of a router, through the VTY (virtue terminal line, virtual terminal) access routers.

Edit the configuration file, and upload to the router via TFTP.

Network management software (network management system) remote settings router parameters.

Install Router

Suppose our project, only three router network. Them in Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin, names were called testBJ, testSH and testTJ. We use IP addresses to retain Class B, was divided into four subnets,, and, subnet mask were

Basic Configuration

The package with a serial cable to connect one end to Beijing's console port on the router, the other end connected to the com port on the computer. Start HyperTerminal program (Win95/NT middle), as appropriate configuration, connect the router. To power up the router, type the number of consecutive carriage returns, the following prompt appears, showing the router in user mode.


Into privileged mode by the user mode, use the enable command.

testBJ> enable

testBJ #

And the UNIX host, like "#" on behalf of privileged (root) user of the system prompt, it means that you enter the privileged mode. And enable the role of the contrary, that is, return to user mode from privileged mode command is disable.

Privileged mode, you can use the config terminal command to enter global configuration mode. Global configuration mode, you can use some configuration subkey name into the local configuration mode. Exit command to return the methods are. Which directly back from the local configuration mode privileged mode command is end. As follows.

testBJ # config terminal

Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL / Z.

testBJ (config) # router rip

testBJ (config-router) # exit

testBJ (config) # exit

testBJ #

CISCO IOS's a very fascinating feature is its command-line help, a? Solve all problems. ? Can display the current mode of the command list, you can display the command name, command can also display the parameters and help information. Uncertainty in any place on the command type?, The system will give prompt information.

CISCO router also supports short order, simply does not rise to ambiguity, can command the first few characters to replace the entire command, so that the typing configuration workload will be quite small.

All router configuration information is stored in the configuration file, configuration files currently in use is running-config, it is stored in system memory, we in the privileged mode, configuration changes will be reflected immediately in the running-config. startup-config is stored in NVRAM of the configuration file, only it is not lost power-down, so if you want to make the changes made to the next start is still valid, they must save the current configuration. Save command is as follows:

testBJ # copy running-config startup-config

Building configuration ...

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